The General Health Solution (English)

GHS Packung

The goal of „The General Health Solution“ (GHS) has been set high: to achieve with simple but intelligent compiled ingredients a maximum synergy at minimized costs, so as to ensure the basic needs for the challenges of modern life.

GHS combines a variety of synergistically acting substances (synergists) in a single. The whole is more than the sum of its parts (the effects do not add, but mulitply).

1. Hydratation

Without hydration no health measure can engage properly. Water is energy. Hydrolysis increases the energy from digested food in the gut tenfold. Water is not just added to GHS as a „consumption aid“, but, on the contrary, GHS has been optimized for drinking water in small sips for optimum hydratation. A single liter GHS solution hydrogenates deeper and more sustainable than two or three liters of electrolyte-deficient water. Synergists: Sea salt, L-glutamine, xylitol, licorice extract.

2. Low Carb

Fat burning is not interrupted while taking GHS. GHS contains only carbohydrates with very low glycemic index. Thus GHS is insulin-neutral, that is, it does not produce blood sugar spikes. And L-glutamine is an excellent source of energy, even if not a carbohydrate. GHS specifically increases the basal metabolic rate, which accounts for the lion’s share of calorie burning. Synergists: xylitol and xylo-oligosaccharides (Prebiose).

3. . Intestinal regeneration

A healthy colon produces many important body’s own defense and messenger molecules. The small intestine function is supported by the prebiotic nutrients Prebiose (a „xylooligosaccharide“) L-glutamine which directly supportes the intestinal cells. The yeast suppressive and antibacterial xylitol and MSM provide additional help for maintaining a healthy intestinal environment. Synergists: L-Glutamine, xylitol, Prebiose, MSM.

4. Tissue Regeneration

Organic sulfur (MSM) supplies the tissues of the whole body with support structures called by. „Sulfur bridges“. TMG (trimethylglycine) promotes methylation, i,e. the construction of many organic compounds by the smallest organic building blocks, the methyl groups. L-glutamine is responsible for the development of muscle and brain cells. Synergists: MSM, TMG.

5. Improved circulation and detoxification

Detoxification is an active process for which the body requires a lot of energy. Toxins are neutralized by oxidation. On top, the hydratation improves the oxygen supply. Synergists: MSM, TMG.

6. Multi synergy through vitamin C and sea salt

Compounds such as organically bound sulfur („methylsulfonylmethane“ / „MSM“, „trimethylglycine“) or the amino acid L-glutamine are intensified by the combination with vitamin C and salt. Synergists: Sea salt, vitamin C.

GHS Label NU LIFE final


L-glutamine, xylitol; sea salt; dimethylsulfone (MSM); acidifying agent: vitamin C; trimethyl glycine (from goji berries), xylooligosaccharide (Prebiose), sweetener: Licorice extract.

Nutritional value per 100 g (per serving  of 29 g):

Calories: 242.5 kcal (12.1 kcal) Carbohydrates: 4.3 g (0.2 g), of which 4.3 g of xylitol (0.2 g), fats: 0.0 g; Protein: 49.4 g (2 , 5g); dietary fiber: 3.3g (0.0g).

Directions of use: mix 3 scoops (29 g) into 1 liter of water, shake well and drink within about 1-2 hours. Do not exceed the stated amount. Keep out of reach of children in a cool, dry place. No substitute for a balanced diet. Take at least 3 months continuously!

Content: 585 g.

Price: 29,95 €

Distribution: NU LIFE (

Consumers compare simple food commodities (such as flour, sugar, milk) on the basis of the statutory base price declaration. With dietary supplements it’s a bit more difficult. But – despite different ingredients – an objective price performance comparison can be made, based on a total balance sheet which comprises key criteria:

1. Health effects
2. . Simplicity of daily use
3. Total monthly costs

In all three points, GHS, due to its synergists, is setting new standards.

German version


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